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At Global Fix we are committed to technology as an essential part of transforming the world. The solutions we provide for companies provide them with the necessary growth, giving them the confidence to overcome today's challenges.

At Global Fix we carry out consultancies listening to the needs of our clients and understanding their business. Providing them with a portfolio of technological products and services that strengthen their business strategies. We have a great capacity to adapt to emerging technologies of a disruptive nature in a highly evolutionary environment. We can project, plan, execute and deploy products in the different areas that make up the technological infrastructure of a company.

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Servers Solutions and Support

Smart collaboration through the best servers on the market. From rack and tower servers, to mission-critical servers, high-density servers for high-performance computing (HPC), Artificial Intelligence (AI), or blade servers for converged infrastructure that adapts to your business.

Network Infraestructure and Support

Build and support your network based on our consultancies. Run your business better and faster with wired and wireless solutions. your network infrastructure is as important as your business. Global Fix can provide the IT solutions for all the needs of your organization, in networks and data centers. We help you discover the most suitable solutions for your company.

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Security Solution and Support

Global Fix empowers its clients with products that offer intelligent and adaptable protection. Considering the business infrastructure of our clients, we offer the solution that best suits, to keep pace with the complex and greater threats in an increasingly interconnected and automated business world. Guaranteeing that all the information that is handled is only available to authorized users at any time they need to access it, and that it is accurate and unaltered, in addition to the fact that it cannot be disclosed by extorts to the company.

Data Protection and Storage

The storage and protection of your business data is crucial. We have extensive experience in data management, treatment, storage and analysis. Innovative management system to give your business peace of mind that everything will be protected against any failure. Local, cloud or hybrid solutions, together with intelligent software, data management is the new frontier that your company will conquer. Rediscover the power of information through the data you are already generating today.

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Power Protection Solutions

Knowing the needs of connectivity and availability of information 24/7, at Global Fix we have commercial alliances with the main manufacturers of backup devices and energy protection, to protect and support the IT infrastructure. With an extensive range of equipment for all types and sizes of businesses, our goal is to ensure the integrity and security of equipment and data during a power failure.

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