SMART SOLUTIONSLogistic Solutions

Logistics designed for our partners, to increase customer satisfaction and understand how consumers interact with products. Logistics designed for the challenges of tomorrow, where products must also be supported during their useful life cycle.

At Global Fix we have the experience of managing complex logistics processes that demand effectiveness and precision in management times.

We manage direct logistics projects that allow the distribution of finished products to the final consumer in a competent manner and guaranteeing high availability in the market.

Similarly, we create reverse logistics management projects, which are significantly in demand in today’s markets, since they generate significant value for manufacturers.

By considering different logistics scenarios, they allow us to create and execute product remanufacturing, repair, recycling and disposal solutions as part of supply chain management optimization.

These projects allow us to be part of the growth of the so-called circular economy, as part of an attractive and sustainable alternative, redefining the optimal management of resources. In all these stages Global Fix will accompany you.

Identify and determine in real time the location of each product. We monitor the movement from start to finish, generating trust in customers, partners and distributors in the supply chain.
We optimize the operation by focusing on minimizing errors while maintaining the quality of the service, activating the requirement at the exact moment, allowing us to meet the established deadlines, seeking the standardization of processes.
Inventory Control
Real-time control of stocks that allow greater efficiency in storage. avoiding cases of oversupply by increasing handling costs or the lack of a product, which avoids losing potential sales or services, taking customers to other suppliers.
Our ability to interconnect our logistics processes with other key operational areas of our company allows us to act in accordance with a solid business plan that allows us great results for our partners.
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