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For Global Fix, good customer service is key to the success of our partners. We seek to satisfy the needs and expectations of the consumer. We provide a space for the client to clarify their doubts, express their complaints and give them the opportunity to improve their experience.

We constantly train to build trust in users. We give a professional treatment, advising honestly and giving alternatives. we always seek to be assertive and take on challenges with resilience, always prepared to overcome adversity.

With this in mind, we establish a close relationship between the consumer and our partners, seeking loyalty, natural dissemination of the brand and increased sales volume.

We use multiple customer service channels and adapt it to the needs of the market. We use channels such as contact center infrastructure, either by phone, email or social networks. We also use self-management strategies such as chat boxes and specific apps.

With this, we seek to provide an agile and, above all, resolute service support. It also seeks to anticipate possible problems that may arise. We maintain clear, fluid and concise communication.

Anticipation of Customer Needs

Customers want to find the solution to their problems. The more you know your customers, the more skills you have to anticipate what they need.

Customers must feel that they are important

With programs such as loyalty or awards, we will always obtain the attention of customers. It is key to offer customers more than the competition.

Knowing your Product

Knowledge of functions and features from start to finish is essential. Avoid problems with clients and the inability to help them with their problems.
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