Forecast and Planning

The forecasting and planning process is key in high performance logistics management. Projects and aligns production and distribution capacities as a result of demand. It requires accurate and timely information, data analysis and timely execution of the action plan.

Forecasting is a powerful tool that provides an estimate of the probability of future events. It is elaborated from relevant information obtained from our partners. Additionally, data is collected from consumers and past and present information patterns, as well as the evaluation of future market trends.

By preparing a precise forecast, a high availability of resources is obtained for the solution of problems related to the return of products or the lack of inputs for production.

Even more important is the forecast planning process, because it must be adjusted in time and context, allowing other logistics processes to flow smoothly.

We work with tools to generate forecasts that help us maintain optimal stock levels for the execution of all logistics processes.

Among the most used methods we have:

  • Simple Average
  • Weighted Average
  • Simple Exponential
  • Smoothing Double
  • Exponential Smoothing
  • Linear Regression
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