At Global Fix we develop product distribution strategies that allow high availability at points of sale and final distributors. Always looking for effectiveness in the shortest possible time, avoiding the least possible number of intermediaries.

We use direct logistics processes as it has a great advantage in reducing costs by avoiding accumulated inventories at intermediate points in the supply chain.

Additionally, the direct delivery of products allows manufacturers to manage a direct relationship with final sales customers so that they can develop efficient sales channels such as e-commerce. Considering multiple methods of direct delivery, we can offer services such as:

  • Direct Transport: where the merchandise is transferred to its final point of sale.
  • Outsourced Transportation: where we employ specialists in the transportation area to generate greater reach and permeability of the product in the market.
  • Direct Withdrawal: customers can directly withdraw the products from the warehouses assigned for this purpose.

We also handle processes to manage supply logistics and production logistics.

In supply logistics, we manage methods such as:

  • Just in Time: where the required material is received at the moment, to avoid storage costs.
  • Synchronization with Production: where planning is carried out with the purpose of anticipating production needs where the type and quantity of merchandise to be received is known in advance and if its storage will be temporary.
  • Security Stock: where it is sought to have a stock above the production needs. It allows handling unforeseen events related to a change in demand or delays in suppliers.

On the other hand, in production logistics, we cover and optimize processes related to the purchase of raw materials until the final creation of the product. these processes are:

  • Push System: The manufacture of products is managed in advance and stored. the commercial area carries out the sale of available stock.
  • Pull System: where the product is manufactured after a purchase order is approved by the customer. Once manufactured, it is shipped directly to the customer, avoiding storage.
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