Reverse Logistic

At Global Fix we innovate in the development of practices and processes necessary to manage the return of products. Known as reverse logistics, it is an activity in constant growth due to the positioning of new forms of sales such as electronic commerce. This logistics includes returns of the B2C type as well as B2B or even manufacturing components.

The importance of managing optimal reverse logistics is to achieve a greater connection with the end customer, taking their opinion as a fundamental part of the improvement of current products, as well as the development of future products. The goal is to achieve customer loyalty, multiply sales and boost competitiveness, without affecting market share.

In reverse logistics, two classifications are managed, such as:

  • Logistics of Returns: it is the process of returning a product either due to quality problems, poor performance of the product, wrong product delivery or missing product. The resolution must be handled in the shortest possible time. Efficient management will help strengthen the brand.
  • Waste Logistics: we carry out processes of recycling, treatment or remanufacturing of products in order to achieve a reduction of waste generated into the environment and seek its maximum use. Additionally, it seeks to increase the life of the product.

Approximately up to 20% of everything purchased in ecommerce is returned. Returns are an essential part of economic activity (especially in ecommerce), so the lack of a comprehensive system will disappoint consumers, leading to bad reviews and loss of market share. In fact, customers in B2C channels are more likely to buy if they understand the return policy and it is explained in detail on the web, even if they do not return the product afterwards. Therefore, a return process supported by a reverse logistics system gives them peace of mind.

-Source: KPMG

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